Getting started on setting the gradeThe frost laws are up and the equipment can move.  What a wonderful thought.  We couldn’t get started on leveling the ground for the barn until the frost laws were removed.  They were up on Monday and the excavater was here on Friday delivering his dozer.  He spent most of Friday and Saturday moving the dirt to make sure the grade was level with the arena.

Personally, I didn’t care.  But the builder had this great idea.  Connect the arena with the stall barn so that if the weather is bad I can bring the horses into the stalls to dry off, then, move them to the arena without going into the bad weather.  It will also keep the snow and mud out of the travel area.  So, the new stall barn and arena have to be at the same grade or the idea won’t work.


Working on the gradeOf course, I give lessons on Saturday morning.  I figured the horses would be okay since we use our tractor around them all the time.  Ooops!  The dozer is louder than the tractor.  When he was leveling the dirt next to the arena wall, I could feel the vibration.  Although we didn’t get any spooks out of the horses, they were a bit on edge.  For safety, everyone rode on lead-line.  That made the riders (and parents) feel better as well.

Moving the dirt


With the grade ready, now all we need is the material for the barn to get started.  That should be here shortly!