This has certainly been an exciting week! Because they weren’t sure about the frost laws, the builder decided to split the load for the barn materials into two loads. The first part came on Tuesday, the rest on Friday.

moving the barn materialsI am very impressed with how this is done. The truck part gets disengaged from the flat bed and turns into a fork lift. Everything is on skids, so all the driver has to do is remove the pieces from the flatbed and place them in the designated area near the building site.

All I could think about was how much trouble I have when I need to hook up my horse trailer to my truck. Not to mention trying to back it up. Here, the materials are all moved with the driver going backwards much of the time! Great work and great training.

Moving to the spot


Once everything was placed in the proper locations, the wood was covered with black plastic to protect it from the elements.

Everything is set. Now all we have to do is wait from Monday, or Tuesday, or at the very latest, Wednesday when the crew will show up and start building!
If this was exciting, I can’t wait to see what next week brings!