The workers are gone for the day. 

They came in with their dozer and other equipment early this morning.  (Okay, I already fed the horses, but, anytime someone is here before 8:00 am, I consider it early.)  Went right to sorting out all the material that was neatly piled for them.

Next they sectioned off the area where the framing would be.  Pink string!  At least it’s visible.  It doesn’t look that big to me.  The barn is suppose to be 36×120.  I can tell that it’s 120 because that’s how long the arena is…but the width seems too narrow.  I think I can always measure it after they leave.

The horses watch them intently.  Their current paddocks are right next door and come almost up to the property line.  I wonder if they just think this is their entertainment or if they are trying to figure out why their pasture is slowly disappearing.

The poles are in place

Now that everyone is gone, I go back to the barn area.  All the support poles are in…in perfect alignment.  Yes, it is the right size.  I walk through the areas where the stalls will be, then check out the aisleway and storage areas.  I’m still not sure that the area I designated for tack will be big enough.  It’s hard to judge without the walls.

I’m satisfied.  Can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring.