Apparently people who build barns do not have to interface with other people very often.  I know when we had our house built, the carpenters had to work with the plumbers who worked with the electricians, etc.

Before the builders showed up, I had a meeting with the salesperson, the excavator and our well person.  We needed to run a line from our well to the barn so we would have water.  The excavator explained what he needed to do and how long it would take.  I remember the salesperson said that would not be a problem, and, if necessary, the guys could take some time off while this work was being done, or they could work on a different part of the barn.

Apparently, no one got the word to the builders.  They had their equipment set up where the excavator needed to build.  For a while, I thought I was going to have to tell everyone to play nice.  Okay, the well person and the excavator are used to working with other construction people…

Half of the framing is doneAfter the dust settled, everyone got the work done that needed to be done.  Half of the framing is done.  The rest is left for tomorrow.

Somehow, I don’t think I’ll see the excavator and well person until the builders are gone.