I now understand why the “makeover” family goes away for a week while their place is renovated.



First, I must say that communication is not a skill that these workers have.  Building skills – yes, communication skills – no.

We were having some spotty rain showers on Friday.  Hubby and I went to the Post Office.  On the way home the construction truck blew past us, leaving our place.  My first thought was they were going to town for a coffee or something.  When we got home we went up to the work area and the place looked like a cyclone hit it.  But, after an hour and no sign of the workers, I was concerned and called the salesperson to see if someone might have gotten hurt.

He assured me that they would be back the next day, and would check if there was an injury.

Siding off - panels downWorkers?  Saturday?  I hold classes on Saturday and Sunday!  I’m looking at an arena with the siding off where the new barn would be attached.  No one told me that siding would be taken off!  No one told me they would be working on the week-end!

I spent Friday night calling all the riders and volunteers, canceling the classes for both days.

Oh, no one was hurt.  I guess their mother never taught them to clean up after themselves.



We got the auger put on the tractor, I bought our feed store out of poles – 80 to be exact.  They will order more because I estimate that we need about 200 poles to put up the perimeter fencing.  What a job!

We already had t-posts in for our pasture – those need to be removed, then mark off the lines for the fencing, put in the holes, poles, pack…repeat until completed.

Post lifting exercisesI thought I’d be smart and unload the posts – putting them on piles of five about every 50 feet.  The young man at the feed store asked if I had someone to unload the truck when I got home.  “Sure,” I said.  “Me,” I thought to myself.

Surprisingly, I did not find them heavy at all!



Removing t-postsWe have a neat little device to remove t-posts.  So that was my next task of the day.  I’m sure that by the time this project is completed, I’ll have the upper arm and shoulder muscles that a body-builder would envy.

Now for the next job – putting in the posts.