My son told me that my Mother’s Day gift would be – he would try to get as many people as possible to help with the barn for our Not-so Xtreme Farm Makeover Day.  He sent out e-mails to all of his friends asking for their help.  One of his friends works for a local construction company, Kelly Construction in Rochester Hills.  Bill told my son he could come and help us.  Then, Bill asked his manager/owner of the company, if he would like to help also.  Couldn’t…was going out of town for the week-end.  But, he said, he could send six workers, Bill and five others, to our place on Thursday to help jump-start the work week-end!  Six workers…all construction people…I couldn’t believe it!  I wasn’t sure we could be ready two days early.  I still needed to get the cement poured and some plumbing done.  The excavator we were using knew everything would be in place for Saturday…but Thursday!  Everyone went into warp speed to be ready for the crew.

Getting a stall wall upThursday morning – 7:30 am – the trucks rolled in.  We met with the crew to go over the details of what needed to be done.  I couldn’t have hand picked a better skill group.  We had several trees that needed to come down before the fencing could go up.  If we left them up and they came down during a storm, the fence or barn could be damaged.  But, they had to be dropped just right, or they would land on the arena.  One of the crew used to work for a big tree company that removed trees for the electric company.  No problem!  He knew just what to do.  Another had fencing experience, so he helped set the posts.  Still another worked for a national barn company and showed Bill and my son how to install the stalls so that they were secure.

getting ready to frameBy the time they left, we had almost all the fencing up, the trees down, some stalls up, and the utility room framed!  The fencing was the top priority.  My son and I had figured that it would take two workers 24 hours to get it all up.  These guys only stopped working on the fencing because we were 20 poles short of completion.  My error, my estimate was a little short.

I can only give a heartfelt “thank you” to Terry Kelly, owner of Kelly Construction in Rochester Hills, Michigan.  If you are looking to build or remodel, give them a call.