It was a very wonderful and informational week-end.

We were invited to participate in the North American Horse Fest.  I was thrilled that we were asked to come and demonstrate therapeutic riding with one of our horses.

The first decision was – which horse should we take.  Our horses are out in the paddock 24/7 and knowing that who ever I took would be in a stall for almost three days, I had to make the right decision.  Stella could go.  She wouldn’t care about being in a stall, she had been stalled before.  Lu-Rain is a seasoned show horse.  She is not only used to being stalled on occassion, but also has the right attitude about being in public.  Poppie might be able to do it, but we haven’t had her long enough to know how she would react to the crowd.  As we sorted through, we decided that our seasoned show horse, Lu-Rain, would represent both the breed and therapeutic riding the best.

quinn-at-nahf-croppedNext decision – which riders should be selected?  They ALL want to go…but who would best represent our facility?  I sent out an e-mail to the families , asking who would be interested in attending.  Two of the responses came from riders that I know would be right.  Quinn, who just recently turned three, and James, one of my teen riders, who is also deaf.  This was a great combination.





james-in-arena-at-nahf-croppedBoth riders did well.  Both performed at the show exactly like they do in the arena.  And Lu-Rain, who could ask for more?  During the day, she would stand quietly in the stall, but, when children approached, she came up to the grate asking for a pet.

On the last day, one of the presenters asked if she could be used to demonstrate desensitizing.  He made sure that Lu-Rain had been sacked out and was generally a calm horse.  We assured him that she would do fine.  Oh, she did better than fine.  She was completed unphased be anything that he brought out, including a leaf blower!  I should have told him that we use a blow-dryer on our horses if they get too wet!

Here are the links to the condensed video of Lu-Rain and riders.

Quinn riding

James riding

Lu-Rain desensitizing demo