Good Morning America plays in the background while I work in the morning.  Today they had Drs. OZ and Roizen on the show discussing the “YOU: Being Beautiful”.   As usual, I listen with one ear, just in case they say something interesting.

Posture!  They started talking about posture and why good posture is important.  Next thing I hear is to pretend there is a string at the top of your head and your shoulders are back, and, and, and.  HEY!  That’s what I teach during my horseback riding classes.  How to stack the spine for good balance.  Now he’s saying the same thing about posture.

When I was young, we would stack books on our head and walk around, being careful not to drop the book.  But, if the noted doctor is using my metaphors on what good posture looks like, then, LET’S RIDE for good posture and forget the books!