We took Leslie to her first schooling dressage show today.  What a wonderful way to start Mother’s Day.

Never mind that the show was an hour and a half drive away, that we were showing from the trailer, and we were the first ride at 9:00 am, so we had to leave by 6:00 am to have some warm-up time.

After an hour of trying to best braid Leslie’s mane, we loaded her in the trailer.  This is the first time in two years that we have taken Leslie off the farm and her first dressage show with only six months of training, once a week at best.  Amy, her trainer, and I decided to enter her in the Introductory Level Tests A and B.  We feel that she has been making good progress, but we wanted a judge’s opinion.

Leslie was a bit nervous when we brough her into the arena area to tack her up, so we walked her around a few times.  Mirrors!  Our arena doesn’t have any; this one does!  I remembered someone saying that some of the horses in the Olympics spooked when they saw themselves on the big screens that were hung in the arena.  What would Leslie do when she saw herself in a mirror?  She was curious, but not afraid.  Good!  This was actually a good thing when we bridled her.  She decided that she wanted no part of the bridle.  Not her style, but in a strange place, understandable.  She ran.  Where?  To her reflection in the mirror.  She stood so close to the mirror that it got steamy!  As she commiserated with herself about her predicament, we were able to bridle her.  Amy mounted and the tests began.Leslie and Amy Dressage Ribbons

Happy to say the tean took ribbons in both classes – fourth in Intro A and second in Intro B.

So proud!