We had a good turnout for our Preserving Your Back (and Your Horse’s) clinic today, considering the sky was overcast and threatened rain. Threatened? More like a torrential downpour in the middle of Dr. Westcott’s talk!

Dr. Westcott of Wescott Chiropractic Clinic began the presentation by explaining how our body/spine works, where the most weight is carried, why the area that hurts may not be the area that has the problem and where we are most vulnerable.

Then, she demonstrated two very simple exersizes – each takes only 30 seconds to do and will keep our muscles supple and flexible! Yes, in one minute a day. I’m game – you bet I’m going to do them. As Dr. Westcott explained, no one wants to do exercises that take a long time – ones that we need to schedule into our hectic day – but 30 seconds – we have the time. The back exercise can even be done at your desk! Wow! Work and exercise – who would have thought that was possible.

I’m all energized to keep riding until I’m old and gray!