That’s funny, the red truck pulled in, but it’s winter. That’s the man that cuts down the good grass during the summer. What’s he doing here today? He asked mom if the horses would be afraid of a “quad.” I don’t know what a quad is, but she said we’re not afraid of anything, and she’s right!

He took a big blue thing out of his truck, hitched up a trailer to the back, then got on the blue thing and rode it into our paddock. The man’s friends came in, too, and started scooping our poo into the trailer. Oh, now I know why the man is here, we going to have a clean place to live! I said “Hello” to the man and his human friends, but I wanted to meet his blue friend.

I thought, the man got on it, just like the riders get on me, so it must be a horse like me, even if it does make the strangest whinny when the man rides him. When the man got off, I lost no time going over to say hello and check it out. It didn’t move! I nuzzled its big blue head, I tried to push it, but it just stood there. But when the man got on it, it made the funniest whinny I ever heard and moved out pulling the trailer.

I kept trying all day to get this new horse to do something. All the other horses kick at me, or bite me, or at least move, but not him. Then I stood right in front of him when the man was on him to stop him from going away, but he just kept making those strange whinnies and knickers. Finally mom came over and told me to move, so I did. My blue friend left. I think he was nice. I heard one of the man’s friends tell mom that I covered the blue horse with kisses and slobber. Yup, I did. I sure hope my new best friend comes back again!