There is a lost art in horsemanship – ground tying. The cowboys had to have horses that would stand when the reins were dropped so they could dismount and do their work, knowing that the horse was not going to wander off. Today we have cross-ties, tie-rings and a gamut of devices to keep our horses from wandering off. But how many horses will stand when the reins or lead-line is dropped?

At our barn, ground tying is one of the skills that we insist our horses learn. It’s not hard to teach. Most horses would rather stand than work, so we use that to our advantage.

Last week, I was so pleased to see two of our green horses just standing while their young trainers walked around the arena. Not only did the horse stand while the young lady moved away, but, each of the young ladies were able to circle the horse, then the arena, with the horse only moving her head to see where her leader was.

Talk about establishing a bond! The girls were very proud of their horses as well. Carrots for everyone for a job well done!