If you are looking for a book that explains all the dressage movement in a clear and concise manner. then Dressage School by Britta Schoffmann is the book you want for your equestrian library.

I am very impressed with the author’s way of explaining, not only the movement but the common mistakes riders may make with trying to perform a particular movement. The format for each movement includes: How it’s suppose to look – what the horse should be doing and how; Most common mistakes – includes what the horse is doing incorrectly and, if appropriate, what the rider is doing wrong; Correct aids – this explains how the rider can get the correct movement from the horse; Goal of the movement– some movements are building blocks for future movementsand others help develop the horse’sstrength and flexation; Fast facts– tells which movements are fundamental and which are more advanced; Pyramid factor – which elements of the dressage pyramid are incorporated in the movement.

The explanations are often complimented with pictures or diagrams to further demonstrate how to perform the movement.

Whether you are a student or an instructor, Dressage School: A Sourcebook of Movements and Tips Demonstrated by BrittaSchoffmann is a must have book.


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