Crapo Park - Holly MichiganThe Holly Outdoor Recreation Coalition held its 2nd Annual Community Play Day yesterday in Crapo Park.

The weather was picture perfect and it was great to see families participating in the activities that various local organizations /were providing. One group was holding a tug-of-war! I can’t remember the last time I saw kids (and parent) doing that activity.

Pretty Pony Pastures was there. We would have LOVED to bring one of our horses, but decided against it. Instead we brought four stick horses and traffic cones.

The kids had a riot barrel (or in this case – cone) racing with the stick ponies! Most of them did their own pattern, but, that’s what having fun is all about. A couple of our riders and their parents came to help, so it was great to have these kids showing the other kids how to barrel race.

Riding a Stick Pony    







This Community Play Day was such a great idea – well organized and fun. Hope everyone who attended enjoyed it as much as we did.