It’s time to start practicing for our annual horse show.  The show typically consists for four classes: Showmanship, Equitation, Trail, and Games.  We try to practice the trail class a couple of times before the show so that the riders are comfortable with the pattern and the obstacles.  Some years they have to get mail out of the mail box; others they are moving something from one barrel to another.  This year, I introduced “the gate” to the class.

First time through I let them try to figure out how they should remove the rope to open the gate.  Some have a very hard time figuring it out; others are quicker.  Lu-Rain decided that since her rider wasn’t sure how to maneuver her up the the rope, she would take matters into her own hands, er, mouth.Lu-Rain Opens the Gate

First she stopped short of the rope.  She’s no fool.  She wasn’t going to touch the hot wire!  Then she crept closer to determine if it really was a hot wire.  It wasn’t, so she promptly grabbed the rope in her mouth, then dropped it so her rider could cross through the gate.  She did have that look about her that seemed to say – I did good.  I opened the gate for you!